Coastal skipper/Kustskepparintyg in English

The Coastal Yachtmaster  Diploma (in Swedish Kustskepparintyg) allows you to take the helm onboard! It gives you the right to helm a boat larger than 12 m of length and 4 m widht in Sweden and you can apply for the international certificate  a ICC 24 m power and sail certificate.

 This course provides basic knowledge in coastal and offshore Navigation, nightsailing including navigation with beacons and lighthouses, Seamanship and Safety in rough weather and much more

The course consists of two full days  including practical boat training at nigt.

Before this course you have to have completed the Förarintyg.

Learn more about offshore navigation, boating in bad weather and at nigth. During two amazing full days in an efficient and fast pace, we study coastal and offshore navigation, collision regulations and safety at sea, navigation with lighthouses.

 During the practical boat training at night you will try your new skills in real situations and much will fall into place. An coastal Yacht Master Diploma shows you have basic theoretical knowledge and ability to operate a large leisure boat offshore and in darkness and rough weather. The  exam of the NFB's Kustskepparintyg is couple of days after the last course day (usually a wendsday). When the exam is done, hopefully you will have a big smile on your face and your new certificate in your hand: The coastal Yachtmaster Diploma (Kustskepparintygintyg). You can now apply for a ICC 24m


Stockholm: Stocksund (Marina Läroverket)  Stockholmsvägen 34 (klicka här för karta)
Göteborg: Talattagatan 22 (klicka för karta)
VästeråsSaltängsvägen 18 (klicka för karta)
Gävle: Västra Vägen 52 (klicka för karta)


Coffee, tea, fruit and biscuits are included in the course fee.


■ Day 1,  9-18 pm, Theory
■ Day 2,  9-17 pm, Practical boat training and rehearsal
The exam starts at 17 pm wednsday after the last day of the course 


The course is based on NFB's instructions, and we study collision regulations, Light and nightsailning. preventing collisions at sea, navigation marks lighthouses, how to use a compass, calculating speed, time, distance and positioning, to find a known position and latitude and longitude. Offshore and foul weather boating.

Participants are required to study at home between the lectures.

Study package

This is needed for the course:
■ Literature: Course book, "International Certificate of Competency Sail Boat Coastal”, Exercise chart 93 or 61
■ Tools: Divider, protractor and nautical ruler
The study package is distributed on the first course day.

If you have Förarintyg books you will only need extra charts and Kort 1

Practical boat training

Three hours of practice exercises is included. During the practice, we will navigate with the help of lighthouses and light caracters. No practical test is required to obtain the certificate, but this certification is a prerequisite if you later decide to take the Coastal Skipper certificate.

Preliminary Requirements: prerequisite is the Förarintyg 


NFB authorized examiner performs the theoretical test. A fee of 450 SEK will be paid in cash directly to the examiner. Remember to bring a valid identification. After a successfully performed test, you will receive NFB's blue book (the certificate is in English, German and Swedish).

Examination days

 At 17 pm the wednsday after the last course day

Study package

Will you receive at the first course date.