VHF / SRC (in English)

The VHF radio is the best safety communication tool at sea

To use a VHF radio you need a license. The license is called SRC= Short Range Certificate

When you sign up to our SRC course we will send a VHF study book to your adress. In order to be sufficiantly prepared for your test at the end of the course, you need to study at home before your course.

Sjösportskolan Maritime Academy´s  course containes  theoretical and practical use of the VHF radio. You will learn among other things, emergency procedure, use of call sign and maritime alphabet, Digital Selective Calling, GMDSS, VHF speaking protocole and much more.


The course ends with the actual theoretical test. You will receive your result from the test the same evening and when you passed the exam you will get a stamp and a certificate in your Blue book of diplomas.

In order to rent a boat, especially in the Mediterranean,  many firms ask to se a SRC (Short range certificate)


SRC in English, Göteborg, 4 sep Många kvar
SRC in English, Göteborg, 5 nov Många kvar
SRC in English, Göteborg, 18 dec Många kvar
Stockholm Stocksund

SRC in English, Stockholm Stocksund, 20 aug Många kvar
SRC in English, Stockholm Stocksund, 3 dec Många kvar


You need to study in advance to pass the exam


9:00–18:00. The exam start 16:00.

Course literature

If you ordered the book it will be sent to you at the adress you stated in your booking form.


An examiner from NFB will perform the test. The test costs SEK 625 that you pay via Swish directly to the examiner. An extra SEK 65 is required if you do not have the blue diploma book. Don't forget to bring a valid identification.

Course fee

1 195 SEK.

The book cost 265 SEK.

The cost for the examination to NFB is 625 SEK. If you need the blue Diploma book the cost is 65 SEK.